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US,Scottsdale (25-November-2016) Are you planning your holiday destination? Why not to Norway, where you can enjoy a Nordic country so uncommon unusual intimacy. The country has only 4.8 million people in its 386,000 square kilometers sporadically distributed even fewer mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. Ten percent of them live in the capital of Norway. You can, of course, also offer many holiday activities for the holidays.

Every time you are traveling, it is always a good practice to know more about your destination through hotel information, travel times and activities. Many basic information about the country can be very useful when you are traveling. Information such as political stability, crime rates, exchange rates, the average number of tourists and the way people are used to tourists are really nice will give you a basic idea of where to go and how to prepare for the trip. And Norway is no exception. Knowing what to expect from a stay in Norway can help you plan your trip.

As a tourist, I would be happy to have hundreds of thousands of tourists knowing that the annual Norway visit, most of them have smooth holiday reports. Concerning crimes, thefts were reported at the airports and crowded stations, especially in Oslo. It is best to keep valuables in safe places and make sure you have copies of ID so that you can renew in their respective embassies or consulates. There are other reports of minor offenses, but the incidence is low compared to other European countries of destination. As a tourist, you should also be aware that the laws against the use of illegal drugs and even drunk driving are strictly enforced and enforced. Therefore, it would be better to take it easy to avoid possible inconveniences brushing with the local laws, to celebrate and drink.

Speaking of driving, the Norwegian authorities recognize the driving license in the UK or other EU / EEA. Make sure that you have some form of car insurance before traveling on the road. If you are going on a trip to Norway, be prepared to travel long streets are often narrow and curvy. The road will give a fantastic view of the surroundings. It’s an adventure, no doubt, but part of the trip is to be safe. For tourists it is not going to drive through Norway in winter, especially if you are unfamiliar with the roads. Some roads suddenly become impassable during the winter season and it is easy to get caught or get into accidents.

One way to travel in Norway is by bus. When traveling by bus, a series of checkpoints will pass, which can be a little unpleasant. If you come from the Baltic countries and regions in Asia, the Norwegian border patrols will check more checkpoints than in the West. So keep your papers up and updated ready to avoid delays of documents. If you come from other European countries, traveling in Norway is easy, fast and cheap because a number of options are available.

Around Norway, tours and travel agencies are up to date and well prepared to help tourists. Because the country is already an established tourist destination, the roads are well established and the facilities are better compared to other countries. In addition to rental cars and public buses, Visiting Norway tours, trains can be done to cross the country’s sides. Another way to travel is by express buses which are cheaper, but could take longer than expected. So if you want to travel by bus, make sure you customize your schedule. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about Denmark tours.

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