Detailed Notes on National Open University of Nigeria

RIVERS, PORTHARCOURT ( 5 October 2016) If you want to study at a university in Nigeria, you have a number of different admission requirements. For most ordinary people fill the street by the Registry Checker universities. This is a system that is managed by the Joint Admissions and Studies Council. Every year, candidates for admission purchase forms are recorded and written exams in April or May of the year of admission. The results will be published in July or August and Universities October / November admission of students in their degree of programs. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about national open university of nigeria exams.Apart to do well in this exam begins; candidates for admission must also examine the university, and passed by the school (by UME). This is organized by the universities and candidates must obtain at least 50% to 100%. Meanwhile, candidates for university admission at least 16 years old in the year of admission must be. They are also at least five credits have required at O (including English and Mathematics). These are the basic requirements for people wanting to enter the first year of steady career at universities in Nigeria.

In addition to the option JAMB, candidates can also be obtained by direct entry admission. For this option, there is no written entrance test. Purchase candidates forms, fills and submits the form to the university of their choice. Those who do, to be the direct entry program allowed to spend only three years for the average four-year course. The admission requirements for national open university of nigeria:

– The candidate may have the national education certificate (NCE) in a related field.
– The candidate can have the standard national diploma (OND) from a recognized Polytechnic in a related subject.
– The candidate cans also three loans in the FMC-graduates.

In addition to the above requirements, candidates for admission to a direct entry must meet the level requirements O. This includes at least five credits in related subjects, such as mathematics and English. In some cases that have recognized professional qualifications candidates professional associations, can be considered for admission to the university. For example, those who attended the Department of Journalism in Lagos, Nigeria may offer admission to study is mass communication. Candidates who have passed certain stages of testing noun university of Nigeria – can be considered for inclusion in the accounts in some universities into consideration. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about national open university of nigeria course materials.

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