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US ( 27 September 2016) I think we now know enough to talk about sex. This topic, even if it could fill several volumes books, so I do I get just a few ideas on topic. Let need something more: When I research this topic, I was surprised that the variety of ways, to see couples to manage their gender. There are those who do not have sex with someone who pornography used, toys, wedding compensation that shares with other couples, or practice open marriage where one or both sex with other people of the Union separately.The bottom line here is that it should be easy, which is to keep in mind that everything that is to be your partner; everything you use is in this part of their relationship good for both. It must be reviewed and approved by the two in a very open and honest otherwise, should simply be an exclusion zone.

I stress the absolute importance of this with an example. Many couples complain that in sex after a certain time a little can be boring. You can at work are captured, children or other commitments and therefore have little energy for the sexual union at the end of the day or at the end of the week, and even less, what is special or different for each other. If this is how it is for you, it is important to someone talking and talking, before trying to do something you might regret, like an affair. In this discussion, the couple may be surprised to find that both feel the same way. if you want to know more about sex shop warszawa you can check

If this is the case, the decisions are made. It may be that you are not only sexually compatible. If that is the case, then you need to talk about how we might address them. It could be that there is something to introduce at the time in a sex game. The possibilities are endless and include the introduction of some sex toys that now. Easily and discreetly in sex shops or on the Internet available Sex toys could be simple things like massage tools or dildos or videos, or if it works for you, fantasy something implements. Something, which could be introduced in the relationship, even if I say that a warning is another person or another partner to share sex with you or spend time with each separately. My attention here is that if you could be invited called others in their generation load the “green eyed monster” of jealousy, or a further erosion of the lack of privacy that may already exist between you. Limits should be both examined and accepted before any extracurricular activity.

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