Getting a Great Deal on a New Car on an Auction Website

US, Scottsdale (29-December-2016) Everyone would like to own a new car, but very few are eager to get the process of buying one started, as somewhere down the road… a salesman awaits.

This is one of the reasons why online auction websites are becoming a more popular way of buying brand new cars. In addition to avoiding the salesman, new cars sold at auctions are usually going at a wholesale price. This opens room for some savings that make buying a new car that much better.

But finding an online car auction is not that easy as these auctions are some of the best kept secrets of the automotive world, so here are a few pointers on how to find one.

Private Auction Websites Offer the Best Deals
Public auctions sites are easy to find and everything is offered for sale by everyone. But, brand new cars are sold cheap only within the automotive industry. This means that you have to have a dealer license to enter the private auction sites which offer slightly used and new cars or only brand new cars at wholesale prices. These auctions are usually closed to the public.

One way of entering such an auction is by asking someone, a friend, a relative, your local car dealer or mechanic, who has a dealer license to let you use their license to bid on new cars. But not everyone knows someone like this, so there has to be another way in.
The Third-Party Proxy Bidding Companies

Third-party proxy bidding companies maintain a dealer license and they will let you use their license, for a certain fee, to access private auctions. This way you are able to access the private auctions, browse through the cars on offer and also bid on new cars. In the arrangement, you provide the money and set the budget limit while the company takes care of the bidding.

The upside of the deal is that you are getting a brand new car at a wholesale price without much of a hassle.
If you don’t intend on selling the car, this represents great saving since dealers buy stock for their inventory at these auctions and mark the price up in order to make significant profit. The money you save on the purchase can be used to insure and register the car and possibly make modifications of your choice with after-market parts to give it your personal signature.

Another upside of working with a third-party bidding company is that they will have the car you bought delivered from the auction to your driveway. They will arrange transportation for your car whether you want it delivered within the country or exported abroad.

The company will sort all the logistical issues that come with exporting the car abroad as long as you pick the car up and pay for the shipping costs, import fees and other related taxes. So you just get your car and drive away. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about Buying online salvage vehicles.

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