How You Can Take Benefit from Encouragement

Geneva ( 11 August 2016) In your field of consciousness, there is a deep sense of eternal, timeless awareness. It is an inner silence. The psychology of wellbeing originates here. Yet the silence is full. It has an amplitude and dimension to it. It is a vast power, a benign power, a power of complete and utter love. It has an Indefinable quality that cannot be described. A quiet philosophy of God and life emerge here.This is the oneness that is common to all human beings. It is the infinite unity beneath the surface of phenomena. You realize your intimate relationship with everything. Something resides within us, an expansive loveliness, a growing lovingness, an indispensable sense of what is happening now. Things change in our lives. We see phenomena pass before us and it appears to change us. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about Ethics.

But beneath it all is a constancy of consciousness. From this quantum field, consciousness encounters the fullness of life. This timeless factor, this being, knows only the now. Past and future are fictions, blips of memory, but underneath it all is the continuum of the now. Everything happens to this fundamental sense of identity. Despite the shifting matrix in your life, you remain yourself, and you remain the timeless observer. This subtle observer is silent, never speaking, yet unbelievably alive. This core of who you are has been called many names: consciousness, the field of infinite potentiality, the quantum dimension, the self, the soul, or your being.

This energy of precious awareness stays within you before and after your experience of being in a body and thinking about the world through the mind. Mentally, we divide the now into past and future, but the only factor in which consciousness happens is now. Without now, nothing else exists. What holds the now in place is you? While the mind flits here and there, mapping out phenomena, the vast power of consciousness holds everything together, and makes everything coherent. The one factor that remains constant in your life is the present moment.

And it is held by the field of consciousness. All phenomena arise from now in consciousness , and it’s you in your deepest sense. Having an inspirational thought of the day right in front of you can make the difference between climbing that beanstalk or not – taking a new path or remaining on the same one, giving up or moving on.  Encouragement is a powerful tool.

It can lead one to places that they never imagined.  A new realm of prosperity, ideas, venture, and success can be had.  And , it’s all within our control to wield this type of motivation to suit our professional and personal needs. It is hard to add trust into a relationship that is already damaged. But, it is necessary in the most immediate way. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about Mothering.

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