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Panama (29-March-2017) Nigeria is a country with about 140 million inhabitants: a fast-growing country with a dynamic economy almost. The country in recent years has been hampered by corruption. The social fabric was in deplorable conditions, which unforceful an overall index standards. Education investment is essential for human existence; It is a tool that governments can help the private sector and informal units.

To move Nigeria forward as a country, we need a quality education background. Over the years the education system in disarray and the future of our children is at risk. to make the efforts of our founding fathers universities and colleges solid Nigerians seem abandoned their latest Ranking of World Universities drain. The have, instead of the first university of the University of Nigeria, Ife, in the distance of six miles 330-4 (6334) .Succor seems to have been found in the teaching abroad. Countries like US, Britain, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Finland, Japan, etc. have a good education system. The acquisition of education abroad is expensive in itself. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about Noun university.

Education free at all levels is available in some countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and nigeria. In Nigeria all levels of education are free. The Swedish system includes not only the traditional universities, but also various types of teacher training, training of health care, technical training; etc. Education financing is the responsibility of: the central government, regional authorities and private interests. Higher education in undergraduate divided (combines a first degree) and postgraduate studies and research. Sweden has 39 accredited institutions programmers.

English more structured language school is a mode of study at several universities offering. Foreign students have to work and study permits. Sweden has a dynamic economy with a high per capita income. Nigerian students should take this opportunity, in Finland Sweden. In all universities are studying on the authority of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture theme. Higher education in national open university of Nigeria is offered primarily to the state institutions: universities, colleges, public universities and art schools. The degree is completed after three years of study, master after 2 years period to end, and the doctor is after 3 years duration.

Education at all levels in Finland for free. Foreign students can study in English, since some colleges and universities offer courses in English. Students can work in Finland and study. There is no specific minimum wage, because there is no law.

In Malaysia, there are four types of institutions of higher education offer, ie university, public international universities, private universities and more than 500 public schools (IPES) . A good reason for students to study in noun university is expected that holders of passports or student permission to work are allowed to end your life while studying. To study your first step is sufficient to obtain information: Universities call sites Country sites, scholarships and university sites  or universities etc.

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