Positive Aspects Associated With Welding Hoods

US, Scottsdale ( 20 August 2016) There are so many choices concerning the contemporary welding hood. Really, when it comes down to it, it is not so much the hood itself but the lens you will see through. There are multiple makers of welding lenses today. Some of those lenses are solid glass, some of those lenses are plastic, and some are glass with coverings on the glass. Some lenses have a green tint, some have a gold tint, some have a maroon tint and so on. The variations of lenses also come with variable pricing as well. Welding hoods are also composed of various materials causing the actual to have different weights as well. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about welding helmets.Let me deliver to you the welding hoods that I believe are the best for each different situation and why as we dig into this subject. The solid glass of old is still the best for working with welding. Due to the nature of the welding arc being obscured from time to time by the movement of the cup, the lens has a tendency to flash on and off. This is not so much damaging as it is a nuisance to the vision of the welder.

There are some hoods that proclaim the ability to stay darkened even under the environment that welding of welding produces. Let me tell you from my professional experience as a long time welder, that when you use some of the advanced techniques that an expert welder uses, an auto darkening lens is not the best choice. I always find myself going back to the solid filter glass of a fixed shade. I personally like the shade. You will have to experiment for your own preference when it comes to the shade of your choice and what works best for you.

I try to use the auto darkening lenses as much as possible, especially when using stick rod processes. I welded on jobs where one simple accidental arc strike outside of the weld zone got you run off if detected by the welding inspector. Using a quick change lens can save you from an embarrassing and costly situation like that.

Let’s look at the solid lens first. Solid Lenses have been around since the time of torch and brazing were used. It was not the protective hood that was a staple of the mechanic/welder but the goggles and his lenses used to get a better picture of his puddle in the days of brazing and oxygen gas welding. The solid lens is cheap and efficient. It is not fancy but still very effective. I still find myself going back to the solid lens for certain welding processes. It works well with any basic hood and can be a good place to start for the inexperienced welder. Better yet, the welder that does not have much money when getting started. If needed interested individuals can click here http://weldinghoods.net/ or visit our official website in order to know about auto darkening welding helmet.

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