The Hidden Truth on kolloidales silber kaufen Exposed

Luxembourg (10-November-2016) The information contained in this document is kept only as a source is not necessary or not agree, an infectious disease or disease treatment colloidal silver. Here all the information that must be considered as medical advice should select a treatment advice. However, shows that the silver had great strength and history of safe and successful coloidal silver antibacterial is extensive. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about silberwasser.

Is the moment to provide this information, you can decide for yourself. Please open approach in your research, and even a little care. Events of text and coloidal silver is actually silver salts or silver compounds. The result is confusion and fear.

First, we must say that coloidal silver is not new, the knowledge of the healing properties of silver. The information that is thousands of years, but most people knows. It is an ancient secret? , However, there are those who are interested prevent or mysterious, because these are two things (or create interference for love, power and money from groups of men and institutions). However, this is another script.

The plague, the nobles and governors do not suffer from this disease. Why their bodies are constantly absorbing microscopic particles of silver-silver cups, plates and utensils. Therefore, farmers and the poor suffer died of a disease not controlled (our current system of health insurance is no different).

Western scientists have shown that, at the end of 1800, silver is a fighter, germs, as it has for thousands of years in other cultures. The researchers found that the colloidal metal is very effective colloid widely used in medicine. Coloidal silver proved very effective, drug-related infectious organisms and safe to use without side effects Coloidal silver as choosing a doctor and the widespread use of antibiotic therapy.

The coloidal silver through 1900, get the recognition they deserve, but the production is expensive, silver, because it is a natural resource cannot be patented. Because of this limitation, patents, attention and money spent on developing anti-infective profitable antibiotic drugs. The use of antibiotics, we see that they are not effective in the long term, because many strains of bacteria mutation to become his strength. Also, he said, antibiotics are not viruses, yeast or fungi effectively.

The colloidal silver, more than 650 pathogens have been shown to be effective. Cell biological pathogens can live for more than a few minutes to silver , because silver works by disabling the oxygen metabolism enzyme. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about kolloidales silber.

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