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PANAMA(18-January-2017) The good cigars will always need a good home. Humidors are made for this purpose: to protect your cigars. In the modest Tupperdose on the exquisite line “Davidoff” This is their primary function. Some are nice and embellish a room where they are placed. Others offer a clear design and feature that is great for those who need functionality and cost more. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about Cigarri.
Cigars should be stored in 70% to 72% percent moisture, at about room temperature.

Nothing less cigar to burn hot will dry out, lose essential oils lose taste, flavor and the packaging skin make or fall apart. If a cigar is allowed to dry at all, never return to its original quality. A cigar too much moisture exposed will also be destroyed.

When buying a humidor, we recommend these tips: “First consider how many and what size cigars are stored in the basement you want to buy one that suits a cigarette 7 or 8 inches less smoking 9 inch . The processing quality is important, and inside the cellar must be Spanish cedar. The humidor must be difficult. Look for one with a good humidification system. Make sure the humidor is well built. When they are closed, you should not blow. You also want to make sure that you have enough space on the inside of the envelope to mount the humidifier and the unit when the humidor is filled, do not come close to touching the cigars.

Tip # 1:

Fill your humidifier with distilled water or one of the new humidifiers cigars are now available on the market. Do not overfill the humidifier and never use tap water that can contain minerals that can clog the humidifier element [additional tap water contains chemicals that could give an unpleasant odor cigar]. Allow the humidifier to drain for 45 minutes on a paper towel and shake off excess water. Place the humidifier in its proper place in the humidor, close the lid and wait 12 hours. These conditions inside accept his cigars.

Tip # 2:

Before putting it in your cigars, clean the inside of your humidor with a lint-free cloth that is lightly moistened with distilled water. This includes all residues of the manufacturing process and the conditions inside a certain amount of moisture. If this does not happen, dry wood can absorb moisture from cigars or humidifiers. Clean the outside with a soft cloth, do not use any furniture polish. Never place your humidor near direct sunlight, finishing fading and cigarettes also harm.

The powerful myth:

The biggest myth about air humidifiers is that the box itself should be made of solid wood. Most consumers are happy to say that your humidor is made of solid cedar wood. But there is a problem with the solid wood on the road: deformation. In the history of producing wood, you can not hold out of solid wood will ultimately load. The best humidors are made of wood. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about Cigarri.

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