What Are Consequences Of Using Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000$

Philippines  (16-January-2017) On the days when the game on a laptop was a joke long over. With pieces of ever smaller and more powerful computers displayed for the day, you can actually buy a laptop that most modern games can play. Although they are not equal in terms of firepower compared to a game machine table, which are certainly not slouch. When most people think of portable game immediately assume that they are expensive. While this may well be the case, of course, you can find a good gaming notebook for under $ 1000. I mean three laptops chose more than 1000 set and discuss its positive and negative aspects. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about best gaming laptops under 1000.


Dell XPS 15-L502X

The new Dell XPS 15 features a high-resolution screen and a soft JBL speaker. The CPU on the XPS is the new Intel i series and graphics are handled by Nvidia. Although the graphics are fairly standard, there are tons of configuration options available if you want this laptop to have a little meat. This is the cheapest of the three models that we see today so all the updates are priced at the selling price of $ 799.En the disadvantage I find the XPS to be very large and quite easy to research is the Dell XPS range. While battery life is good, it is not the best.




The Asus U31SD is the size of the smallest of the screen three models, but that does not mean it is graphically a crooked posture. I was pleasantly surprised that this guy had very good graphics. Do not confuse with the XPS model in terms of overall size. I liked the fact that this model “thin and light” was so compact. Although they are not as thin as the Macbook Air is thin enough for just 1 inch. What I did not like the ASUS U31SD was its lack of an optical drive and certain ports and high equal end features such as Bluetooth and USB 3.0.


Toshiba Satellite M645-S4118X


The satellite is a big machine. Although not perfectly safe, in this price class, I think it’s pretty close. It is very rare to find the Trifecta of Blu-ray, solid graphics and a fast processor, but the three sports Toshiba and Harman / Kardon. All this for under $ 1000? Not bad. But (there is always one though) I do not like too thick plastic housing or the battery life. The case is ugly. You can not deny it. In addition, the battery is best. I know that this combination can scare some buyers, I’d say as far as the best total is to be the winner of Toshiba Satellite. I would give the second place to Dell XPS 15 because of its low price really a lot for your money. Although in third came, the ASUS U31SD here is no smear. I could see people because of its compact size. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website

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